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I am a Designer at Facebook, previously at Pulse, Advisor at Helpshift, Mindcrafter at Eunoia Labs, aspiring Photographer & Music lover who has been accused of having affairs with Apple products. I blog about design, startups and life.



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Make Hacker News more readable

Hacker News is one of those few sites that are open throughout the day in my browser. While it houses brilliant discussions and an amazing community, as a designer, the readability of the site is not spectacular. It was a pain to read through comments and I always had to hunch forward to be able to read through the micro sized type.

I ended up creating a stylesheet that brought beautiful typography to Hacker News. Meet Georgify: a Chrome extension which has now been ported to Stylish with Userstyles.org as well. Georgify is an alternate CSS for Hacker News with a focus on typography and readability. It uses Georgia (chosen because of it's availability on almost every computer) as the typeface and some typographic sugar coating like limiting line span to 50-60 characters and sufficient whitespace to improve legibility. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Georgify in Chrome Store

Georgify for Stylish

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