Designing systems for the society at Facebook


A world where everyone is connected, is a better world. This has never been possible before which makes it a completely unchartered territory and has exciting ramifications for human society.


I believe design is a bridge between technology & people. At the end it is about solving a problem — for the people or the business or both, if you are lucky. I prefer working on problems that are about introducing a new way of doing something, thereby replacing the old. Such problems generally tend to have a strong component of system design & product thinking, beyond just the visible interface. I find them intellectually stimulating and a joy to work on; especially with the right thought-partners. My favorite teams are the ones where there are no titles and everyone is a builder.


Facebook Comments

Most recently I have been working on improving the way people interact with stories on Facebook. Be that something as lightweight as a Like or introducing new ways to comment on a story from a loved one. The Quick-Cam was one of many such explorations to go out nudging people to be spontaneous & casual in conversations.

Graph Search

I helped shape the second version of Graph Search, which combined the power of natural language input with the simplicity of keyword search. The result was a system that was best suited to answer subjective questions by bringing together posts shared by people on Facebook, information from Pages & other relevant entities from the Facebook Graph.

Posts Search

A simple yet powerful way to allow people to search for posts shared on Facebook by various dimensions like topic, author, location & media type.

Pulse 3.0

Together with Stuart Norrie, I worked on bringing a visual refresh and scalable navigation to the Pulse app. The project involved creating a standard design language for the entire app, updating the brand and creating a new section called Pulse Highlights to let people discover new content from their friends based on what they were sharing, and not just traditional media sources.

Pulse Catalog

A seamless and efficient way to browse & discover new content sources inside Pulse. I also came up with the idea of a Smart Dock, which would serve as a channel for recommended sources based on what other sources were added to a page.


A Chrome extension I created to improve typography on Hacker News. You can download the Chrome extension here.

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