Designing software that feels human at Clara - a new way of interacting with computers and information.


Human potential is infinite, but often held back by tedious & repetitive tasks. At Clara, our hope is to build an interface with intuition like ours so that we can apply our limited but wonderful thinking to the things we love.


Prior to this, I was at Facebook, building systems for the society as a product designer. Even before that (which was a long time ago) I was at Pulse, an Apple Design Award winning news app (now acquired by LinkedIn).


I believe design is a bridge between technology & people. At the end it is about solving a problem — for the people or the business or both, if you are lucky.

I prefer working on problems that are about introducing a new way of doing something, thereby replacing the old with something better.

Such problems generally tend to have a strong component of system design & product thinking, beyond just the visible interface and fluid interactions. I find them intellectually stimulating and a joy to work on; especially with the right thought-partners. My favorite teams are the ones where there are no titles and everyone is a builder.

Selected Works


Creating the brand, launch strategy and marketing website for Clara — your partner in doing great work. Clara is a virtual employee that you interact using natural language. The biggest challenge was to be able to tie the present product offering namely scheduling your meetings with the future vision — a cooperative intelligence that takes care of all our mundane tasks so that we can focus on things that matter.

Facebook Conversations

Improving and inventing new ways for people to interact with stories on Facebook. Be that something as lightweight as a Like or introducing new ways to comment on a story from a loved one. The Quick-Cam and Reactions were some of the ideas that came out of those explorations and prototypes.

Graph Search

I helped shape the second version of Graph Search, which combined the power of natural language input with the simplicity of keyword search. The result was a system that was best suited to answer subjective questions by bringing together posts shared by people on Facebook, information from Pages & other relevant entities from the Facebook Graph.

Posts Search

A simple yet powerful way to allow people to search for posts shared on Facebook by various dimensions like topic, author, location & media type.

Pulse 3.0

Together with Stuart Norrie, I worked on bringing a visual refresh and scalable navigation to the Pulse app. The project involved creating a standard design language for the entire app, updating the brand and creating a new section called Pulse Highlights to let people discover new content from their friends based on what they were sharing, and not just traditional media sources.

Pulse Catalog

A seamless and efficient way to browse & discover new content sources inside Pulse. I also came up with the idea of a Smart Dock, which would serve as a channel for recommended sources based on what other sources were added to a page.


A Chrome extension I created to improve typography on Hacker News. You can download the Chrome extension here.